Pierre Le Tan,

God-Father of La Fée Parisienne …

« I have always so much loved Pierre le Tan’s work, Pierre le Tan’s fine, black and precise lines… so poetic, such a deep echo plays inside of me, so much out of time, so “all I love and I can’t say”… I look at his drawings, I watch at his irresistible compositions, they catch me inside of them and I swip slowly into them, my feet walk lightly in his so delicate colours and my spirit spreads, gets lost and rests in its unic and magic silence. »

Lara Bruneau-Lauré

Here is Monsieur Le Tan …

The NEW YORKER illustrator


Posters illustrator


Book covers


We met …

« I did not personally know M.Le Tan, I managed to find his adress and wrote a letter to him to explain my cashmere project La Fée Parisienne … in the letter, I also asked him to draw Eiffel Tower for us … I will never forget the moment when he called me to say he was interested and wished we could meet ! Pierre Le Tan had say YES ! Can you realise that ?!
I was in Italy that day, it was 11 am and I came back to Paris at once ! »

Lara Bruneau-Lauré


Lara Bruneau-Lauré with Pierre Le Tan,
Logo & packaging Pierre Le Tan for La Fée Parisienne

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